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How We Help Habitat

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As a sustainable funding source for Habitat for Humanity of Kanawha & Putnam, safety has always been a part of what we do. Now more than ever, we want to stay safe so that we can stay open.

Habitat for Humanity of Kanawha & Putnam's ReStore operations have hit another milestone: Combined, both locations recycled more paint this past year than ever before! Our ReStores recycled and sold 3,464 gallons of paint last year. That's a major increase of 1,107 gallons of paint recycled and sold throughout 2018 - 32% more paint kept out of the environment! 

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Your local ReStore has just about everything you need for your back to school furniture and décor shopping, all at great prices.

Making sure you've packed thoroughly can make your road trip experience even more enjoyable. To help, here's a list of items you'll need once you've hit the road.

If you have something or some time to give, consider doing so today. Here’s a list of easy ways you can give something away today.

You know volunteering has a positive influence (make friends, build connections, gain experiences, etc.), but did you know that it can actually assist your health?