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Thrift Store Art Causes a Double Take

Thrift Store Art Causes a Double Take

Every thrift store is full of mass-produced artwork that once proudly adorned the walls of someone’s home. Some of it is charming, but most of it is alarming…ly bad.

But add a little paint, a little creativity and voila: you’ve recreating old art!

There’s a name for that…

The process of recreating art by adding new elements was coined “redirecting” by Canadian artist David Irvine. The pop culture twists Irvine puts on tired old thrift store art is the inspiration for the ReStore’s third annual art show: Double Take.

Thrift store art redirected by David Irvine

Donated by David Irvine for Double Take 2015


Art Submission Date

Again this year, the ReStore encourages local folks to get creative and participate in Double Take Art Show!  

Those interested in participating in Double Take should submit their redirected art to the Charleston or Teays Valley ReStore by Saturday September 16, 2017.


Thrift Store Art Redirected by Brenda Pinnell

“Tres Toreros” by Brenda Pinnell

We are taking the show on the road this year.

Double Take 2017 will be on display at the Teays Valley ReStore, located in Mid-Valley Square Shopping Plaza at 3554 Teays Valley Road in Hurricane, WV.

Show Dates

Tuesday, September 19 – Sunday, October 8, 2017

The exhibit can be viewed during normal  Teays Valley ReStore hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM and Sunday: 12:00 – 4:00.

Click here to join the Facebook Event for reminders and updates. 

You Determine the Winner!

Double Take visitors are encouraged to vote for their favorite piece in the exhibit. The Community Choice Award, along with $100, will go to the artist that receives the most votes.

The winner will be announced on our Facebook pages on Tuesday, October 10, 2017.

Clever Redirected Art by Shawn Means

Clever Redirected Art by Shawn Means


Important Information for Participating Artists

  • Participants are NOT required to purchase art from the ReStore for reuse. Use what you already own or shop another local thrift store.
  • Participants may submit as many pieces as they like, but every piece must have an attached Submission Form. We will have these forms available on site, but feel free to print and prepare ahead of time.
  • All participants will receive one $10 off coupon that will be available for pickup at the Teays Valley ReStore the day the show opens – Tuesday, September 19, 2017 – through the close of the show.
  • All submitted art is considered a donation to Habitat for Humanity of Kanawha & Putnam (thank you!) and cannot be returned.
  • Money raised from the sale of Double Take art – just like all ReStore proceeds – will fund the mission of Habitat for Humanity of Kanawha & Putnam County.
  • There will not be a silent auction this year, but all art will be available for purchase – first come, first serve – after the winner has been announced on Tuesday, October 10, 2017.

 Looking for a little inspiration? Click here to check out past Double Take entries.

Volunteer Subdivision Captains: Repurpose for a Purpose

Volunteer Subdivision Captains: Repurpose for a Purpose

This volunteer opportunity benefits Habitat for Humanity, your neighbors and your family!

What is Repurpose for a Purpose?

Repurpose for a Purpose Subdivision Donation Drive is a project of Habitat for Humanity of Kanawha & Putnam and the new Teays Valley ReStore. The intention of this project is to organize and maximize additional ReStore donations from Putnam County subdivisions during scheduled donation drive days within specific subdivisions.

The donations from Repurpose for a Purpose – just like all ReStore donations – will generate revenue through ReStore sales that will then go back to furthering the mission of Habitat for Humantiy – building homes, community and hope.

2017 Subdivisions: Volunteer Captains Needed

Beechwood Estates

Bell Acres


Brookside Estates

Castlenock Ridge


Courtyard Estates

Crystal Springs 

Fox Run 

Friendship Way

Hidden Valley

Hodges Place

Johnson Place – Volunteers Needed Very Soon!

Leslie Place

Litchfield Place

Maplewood Estates


Mill Creek

Morefield Place

New London Commons

Oakwood Estates

Radwin Woods

Rosehill Acres  – Volunteers Needed Very Soon!

Saddle Downs – Volunteers Needed Very Soon!

Scott Creek – Volunteers Needed Very Soon!


Sun Valley Estates

Thistlewood Circle

Tyler Valley – Volunteers Needed Very Soon!

Westland Estates

The Woods – Volunteers Needed Very Soon!

Woodstone Estates

Woodclyffe Chase


What Do Captains Do?

We ask captains to contact homeowners associations for permission, distribute event information through subdivision contact lists and email, utilize social media and place informational materials.


We Really Appreciate Your Help.

Two Putnam County artists have created one-of-a-kind art as a gift to our subdivisions captains. Volunteers will be able to choose from either a handcrafted necklace by Ricardina Jewelry Designs or a numbered print from JP Owners Art. Volunteer Captains will also receive an invitation to our private Captain’s Party in October.

Will You Volunteer?


Questions? Contact ReStore Director, Amy McLaughlin.  |  304.720.0141 x 22



And the winner is….

Birds Blooms and Butterflies

 From the 500 community members that visited the Teays Valley ReStore last week to cast a ballot for their favorite tablescape, Birds Blooms and Butterfies by Design received the most votes.

Birds Blooms & Butterflies by Design owners Rob and Liz O’Quinn have a passion for preserving and creating native habitat for wildlife and it shows in their very unique boutique located at 3475 Teays Valley Road. Their creativity and attention to detail was evident in their winning tablescape too!

To the Winner Goes the Spoils

In addition to bragging rights, the champion received two tickets to A Taste of Rocco’s in Charleston (Habitat for Humanity’s popular annual fundraiser), a dozen cookies from Teays Valley’s own Sugar Momma Sweets and a $100 ReStore Gift Certificate.

2017 TableScape Participants

Everyone that visited the inaugural TableScape Championship at the Teays Valley ReStore was impressed by the beautiful displays created by all four of this year’s participants.

Rock Paper Sisters

Rock Paper Sisters |


Sweetly Salvaged

Sweetly Salvaged | Facebook@sweetlysalvagedwv



MarisaMade |


All tablescape contents are on sale now at the Teays Valley ReStore!

Didn’t make it to the Teays Valley ReStore for the TableScape Championship? Click here to see our video.

Get Ready for 2018

We are accepting early nominations for next year’s TableScape Championship. Email Amy to nominate your small business or a creative Putnam County business that you admire. A committee of Habitat for Humanity volunteers will review the nominations in November and announce the entrepreneurs selected to participate in 2018.

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Tablescape Checklist: Life, Light and Layers

Tablescape Checklist: Life, Light and Layers

Necessity is the mother of invention, and no one knows this better than Food Network star, Sandra Lee.

On her popular show, Semi-Homemade Cooking, Sandra Lee created and assembled decorative elements for the tables on which she served her themed meals. The English word did not exist to describe the thoughtful arrangement of objects on a table, so she created it: tablescape.

The linguistic luminary Sandra Lee may have coined the term in 2003 but the idea has been around since Victorian times.

According to Slate Magazine, it was during the era of Downton Abbey that tablescapes went from just nicely arranged place settings to creative displays that would make Liberace proud. The reason? Victorian folks went from service à la française (bringing dishes to table all at once) to service à la russe (servants serving guests on individual plates from dishes brought to the sideboard).

The emptiness left on the table by service a la russe had to be filled, and filled it was with lavish displays of natural and manmade ornamentation.

Victorian tablescapes were meant to relate a rich and celebratory atmosphere and they are still common today at holiday dinners, weddings and children’s parties. The main components are elaborate place settings and a magnificent centerpiece. Other special touches like place markers, take-away keepsakes for the guests, and clever little napkin rings are often added.

Dining Tablescape

Nowadays there’s another kind of tablescape. Decorating enthusiasts world-wide gain great pleasure from creating home décor tablescapes. These displays are meant to create visual interest and showcase treasured items year round, not just for special events. Home décor tablescapes are common on mantles, side tables, coffee tables, bookshelves and dressers.

At the new boutique ReStore in Teays Valley you will find numerous examples of both types of tablescape. The ReStore Manager, Melanie James, is a gifted merchandiser trained in Kirkland’s style of display and her tablescapes would make Sandra Lee AND Liberace proud.

Melanie’s tablescapes always include three important components: light, life and layers.

Light comes in the form of lamps, candles and even mirrors. Life is achieved with real or faux flowers, and layers are easy with books, textiles, baskets and trays. All of these items are frequently donated to the Teays Valley ReStore which provides Melanie an ever-changing assortment of tablescaping components.

The first step when assembling a tablescape, according to Melanie, is to build a strong foundation.

  • Create a perimeter for the tablescape taking into account the empty space required for functionality.
  • In the perimeter, build the foundation. It should “support” the rest of the items in the display.
  • Place the very large decorative accessories first to anchor the foundation.
  • Use large books, trays and/or baskets to build strong layers.

After the foundation is set, the goal is to achieve depth.

  • Create peaks and valleys with decorative items. For example, separate two tall candleholders with a smaller vase of flowers. The peaks of the candleholders contrasted with the valley of the flowers creates depth.

Finally, use the pyramid principle to perfect the tablescape.

  • Assemble the decorative accessories so that they stair-step up and/or down from the height of your display.
  • It’s important to understand that peaks and valleys will exist within the overlay of the pyramid. A good tablescape has a gradual rise to the top with many peaks and valleys along the way.

Desk Tablescape

Get more tablescape tips from other creative types during the inaugural TableScape Championship at the new Teays Valley ReStore.

The following entrepreneurs have accepted our challenge to design and assemble their own tablescape including items that will promote their own small business. At the conclusion of the event, the contents of each tablescape will be donated to the ReStore and resold to fund the mission of Habitat for Humanity.

Rock Paper Sisters

Twin sisters Lindsay Rotella and Megan Hannah launched Rock Paper Sisters in January 2012 after deciding to turn their hobby into a business. They specialize in paper goods for all types of events.

Sweetly Salvaged

Kelly Mangus believes in repurposing and upcycling which is why she started Sweetly Salvaged in 2015. Her creativity shows in every vintage piece of furniture and decor that she restores.

Birds, Blooms & Butterflies by Design

Owners Rob and Liz O’Quinn have a passion for preserving and creating native habitat for wildlife and it shows in their very unique boutique located at 3475 Teays Valley Road.


Marisa Jackson’s love of art and her skill as an illustrator inspired her to open an shop in 2015. Through her online store Marisa sells stationary, prints, invitations and whimsical illustrations.

Community members are encouraged to visit the Teays Valley ReStore, across from Hurricane City Park on Teays Valley Rd., Tuesday, February 14 through Saturday, February 18 to vote for their favorite table. The tablescape artist with the most votes will be named the champion and invited to return for next year’s championship.

View the original Gazette-Mail article here


Tablescape Championship at Teays Valley ReStore. Ooh la la!

Tablescape Championship at Teays Valley ReStore. Ooh la la!

What’s a tablescape, you ask?

A tablescape is an arrangement of goodies gathered into a creative grouping and placed on top of a table to create a visually appealing scene. Peek at our Pinterest Board for a visual definition. 

Tablescape Bar

Four well respected entrepreneurs were nominated by Habitat for Humanity volunteers to design and assemble a beautiful tablescape of their own that will be on display at the Teays Valley ReStore this winter.

These contestants will compete for 2017 TableScape Champion!

Rock Paper Sisters

Sweetly Salvaged

Birds, Blooms & Butterflies by Design


It's on like Donkey Kong at this Tablescape Championship

We Need You to Pick a Winner!

Community members are encouraged to visit the Teays Valley ReStore between 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Tuesday, February 14 through Saturday, February 18 to vote for their favorite table.

Mark yourself as “going” to our Facebook event for reminders and additional info.

All customers will be allowed one vote per day. The tablescape artist with the most votes will be named the champion. Votes will be tabulated and the winner will be announced on Monday, February 20.

Yummy Habitat for Humanity Cookies!

In addition to bragging rights, the champion will receive two tickets to Taste of Rocco’s in Charleston (Habitat for Humanity’s wildly popular annual fundraiser), a dozen cookies from Teays Valley’s own Sugar Momma Sweets and a $100 ReStore Gift Certificate.

Promoting Creativity and Coolness in Putnam County

This event was designed to promote the new Teays Valley ReStore and the good work happening at other locally owned businesses in Putnam County, West Virginia.

If you’ve already visited the new Teays Valley ReStore you know: it is a one-of-a-kind boutique where donations of gently used home items and furniture are resold to fund the work of Habitat for Humanity. This sassy little event is perfect for the sassy little new ReStore.

We are proud to now be a part of this community and want to show off a few of our new friends! Stop by to participate in the 2017 TableScape Championship!

Why Give to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore?

Why Give to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore?

Recently, one of our favorite donors – Mark Madore of Family First Realty in Teays Valley – wrote an article about the ReStore for the Real Estate Guide. Here’s why Mark donates to the ReStore and why he believes others, especially those trying to sell their house, should give too.

My wife and I just sold our home and built a new one. Over the past year we have worked diligently to prepare our old house for sale so to ensure we could sell quickly and receive a fair price. In addition to fresh paint we thinned out our possession to make the house look spacious and welcoming. We closely looked at what we owned and decided what would and would not work in our new home.

Like many of you, our possessions (stuff) had both personal and monetary value to us. Knowing we could not use everything in our new home we wanted to ensure our precious items were put to good use. That is where Habitat for Humanity’s new ReStore in Teays Valley came in. Here are the benefits to you for donating your unneeded, although good, household items and furniture to the ReStore:

  • Your home will show better once you de-clutter, including closets, basements and storage areas.
  • Your home will sell faster for more money.
  • Your move will be quicker, less expensive and smoother.
  • Your move into your new house will be less stressful.
  • You will bless others who can buy your items at an affordable price.
  • Your precious items get a second life with a new family.
  • You will help the building of Habitat for Humanity homes for other families.
  • You may be able to reduce your income tax because of the charitable giving write off.
  • This is a win for you and a win for the other families you are able to bless.

You can drop off your smaller household items to the Teays Valley Restore located at 3554 Teays Valley Road or the Charleston ReStore located at 301 Piedmont Road. For larger furniture items you can schedule a free pickup by calling 304-720-8733.

A Homecoming: Habitat for Humanity Returns to Putnam County

Habitat for Humanity of Kanawha & Putnam was started by volunteers from Teays Valley Presbyterian Church in 1988 with a mission to build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter. Habitat’s office was located in Teays Valley until 1993, when it moved to Kanawha County.

Coming Home to Putnam County

To re-establish a strong presence in Putnam County, Habitat opened a second ReStore in Teays Valley on November 1, 2016. The ReStore is a program of Habitat for Humanity that enables house building by raising funds from the sale of donated new, used and surplus furniture, home goods and building materials. Donations come from individuals, businesses and organizations.


Teays Valley ReStore Manager, Melanie James and her son, Andrew.


Enabling Home Construction

To date Habitat for Humanity of Kanawha and Putnam has built 165 homes. 55 have been funded by proceeds from the Charleston ReStore. All proceeds from the new ReStore will also fund Habitat’s mission. Additionally, the Teays Valley ReStore will serve as an outpost for future Habitat homebuyers to gather information and perform sweat equity.

Your Good Stuff for a Great Cause

Donations of building materials, home goods and furniture will be accepted at the new ReStore, but all building materials will be transported to the Charleston ReStore for resale. The much smaller Teays Valley Restore will sell only the top performing departments: furniture and home goods. The new concept will appeal to treasure hunters and decorators.

Homecoming Ribbon Cutting

Executive Director, Shawn Means cuts the Teays Valley ReStore ribbon.


The Teays Valley ReStore is located at 3554 Teays Valley Road in the Mid-Valley Square Shopping Plaza. Donors may bring items they wish to donate during regular business hours of Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm to the rear of the store. Because all donations must be inspected by ReStore personnel before acceptance, we ask that donations not be left after hours.

ReStore will also pick up donations of furniture, home goods and building materials in Kanawha and Putnam Counties that are too large to fit in a standard car. Donors should call 304-720-8733 to schedule a pickup. Donations are tax-deductible.

Click here to make a secure, online donation...