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ReDesign 2017: A Showcase of ReStore Customer Projects

ReDesign 2017: A Showcase of ReStore Customer Projects

Enter a photo of your redesign project that contains materials purchased from the Charleston or Teays Valley ReStore for a chance to win a two-minute shopping spree!

We’ll give you a $10 off coupon just for entering!

Beth Ann Walker ReDesign

Check out past entries in our annual ReDesign Contest.

The showcase of projects is impressive!






Send Us Your Photos!

Email photos to

Please include your name and a brief description of the ReStore materials you used.

Be Part of the 2017 ReDesign Showcase.

Photos will be on display on our Facebook pages: ReStore, Charleston WV and ReStore, Teays Valley WV.

Garden ReDesign

Win Big!

The Habitat for Humanity Marketing Committee will choose one grand prize winner for most creative ReDesign.

You could win a two minute shopping spree in the ReStore!

Watch last year’s winning shopping spree here. 

Rules & Regulations

You may submit one or many projects.  More projects = better chance of winning!

Projects must be new to us. Previously submitted photos will not be eligible.

All participants will  receive ONE $10 off ReStore coupon regardless of the number of projects they submit.

Only digital images will be accepted.

Photos will be accepted until Aug. 31, 2017.

Your $10 off coupon will be available for pickup at the CHARLESTON ReStore on September 1, 2017.

In order to win the shopping spree, you must be willing to allow us to video your winning dash!

Garden ReDesigns by ReStore Customers

Garden ReDesigns by ReStore Customers

Get out in the garden!

Summer is almost here and our customers have been busy creating ReStore redesigns for their outdoor living space.

Garden ReDesign

Andi Thomas created this awesome bar/table from an old electrical spool. We love it!

Garden ReDesign

Bernice Deakins is so creative! Just look at these planters she created from old terracotta pipe.

Garden ReDesign

Donna Morgan Rose assembled dishes and dodads she found at the ReStore to create this birdfeeder.

Garden ReDesign

Can you tell what this beautiful arbor is made from? That’s right; Ellie Marshall used wood spindles to build this redesign.

Garden ReDesign

Garden ReDesign

John & Robin Grey used metal headboards ReStore received from a hotel remodel to build this lovely fence for their roses.

Garden ReDesign

Fairy gardens are so much fun! Just ask Laura Sullilvan. She made this one with a container and goodies she found at the ReStore.

Garden ReDesign

Just look at all the repurposed items in Mary Bradley’s garden bench!

Need your own garden bench? Check out this DIY article.

Garden ReDesign

With the help of some paint and a pallet, Pam King now has gorgeous flowers screening her unattractive heat pump.

Garden ReDesign

The beautiful screen door Randy Vanbibber found at the ReStore is the perfect addition to his cute-as-a-button garden shed!

Garden ReDesign

Ruth Ann Knabb turned an old chandelier into a unique hanging planter.

Click here for another idea for transforming old chandeliers into outdoor delights!

Earth Day Marks Charleston ReStore’s 16th Anniversary

Earth Day Marks Charleston ReStore’s 16th Anniversary

On Earth Day 2001, the first ReStore opened in West Virginia. Over the past 16 year our ReStore has served thousands of customers, funded the construction of 58 Habitat for Humanity homes, opened a second boutique location in Teays Valley and – with the help of our donors – diverted over 13,000 tons of viable building material and home goods from area landfills.

13,000 TONS = 26,000,000 POUNDS

OR …

Earth Day Coal Train

92 Train Cars Full of Coal

Earth Day School Bus

655 School Buses Full of Children

Earth Day Wind Turbine

80 Wind Turbines

ReStore customers and donors truly understand and support our environmental mission.

Here’s what they have to say about it.

I love finding treasures that can be restored and given new life instead of ending up in a landfill, while at the same time helping build homes for those less fortunate. ~ Ruth Knabb

From an outlet to reuse and repurpose items that would otherwise end up in the landfill to wandering the aisles finding one of a kind treasures.  Thank you for all you do. ~Mike Lewis

Why do I love the restore? That’s a long list. Let’s start with the obvious it’s good for the planet. When you can reuse and reimagine you keep things out of landfills. Profits go for a good cause. Anytime you can help put a family in a home it’s a good thing. It allows me to express my creativity in new and often useful ways. It allows me to do projects and furnish my home in ways I would not be able to afford to do otherwise. I saved the best for last. The staff. They are a fun caring group that put the icing on restore cake. ~ Sherry Smith

I love the Restore because it provides me a great place to donate my household goods so they can benefit another person or family and not end up in a landfill. ~ Judy Hamilton

What I love about the restore is that it encourages artistic expression when you see something that you can repurpose you are being creative, artistic and saving something from the landfill. ~Janie Hamilton

I love that landfills aren’t filling up with slightly used items, and that other folks get use out of these items… sometimes,  new and improved and re-vamped.  ~G. Teeters

I love the Restore because I love making something new and interesting out of something old.  I love seeing all of the generosity of people that give to the store so that it does not end up in a landfill and make the world an uglier place, but it ends up in a home and provides for a family something they need or that beautifies their lives. ~Jill Beaty

I love the ReStore’s resolve – turn someone else’s “trash” into my treasures; keeping items out of landfills. ~Melissa Marshall

 Celebrate Earth Day 2017 at the ReStore by dropping off your donation or by purchasing reused items.

Our Favorite Furniture ReDesigns by ReStore Customers

Our Favorite Furniture ReDesigns by ReStore Customers

We are so impressed by our creative customers! Here are just a few of the fantastic furniture redesigns done by Habitat for Humanity of Kanawha & Putnam ReStore shoppers.

Reba McGhee used an old headboard and footboard to create this primitive style bench.

A little paint and some new hardware was all Melody Milam Cook needed.

Marie McCauley installed a sink into a beautiful old dresser to create this vanity.

That’s not just an end table Kara Nabors created, it’s her dog’s bed.

Kim McLaughlin said a grey metal file cabinet would NOT do. So, she created this beauty!

Debbie Abdalla united two chairs to create a fiery bench.

Love chair redesigns? You’ll probably like this ReStorie too.

We can tell that Amanda Fields likes color and pattern!

Katie Cole turned an old entertainment stand into a kitchen for her kiddos.

Love redesigns for children? You’ll love this ReStorie too.

Sherri Jackson's Furniture ReDesign

Sherri Jackson turned a boring old horizontal desk into a vertical showpiece.

For more redesign inspiration, check out the Furniture Board on our Pinterest Page.

ReDesign 2016: We Are So Impressed!

As summer comes to an end so does ReStore’s annual ReDesign by ReStore customer contest.

This year we received more than 50 great entries which made the Habitat for Humanity volunteer marketing committee’s job very hard; they had to pick a winner. The volunteers were asked to vote for their favorite customer redesign project that incorporated items purchased at the ReStore.

Click here to see all the 2016 ReDesign entries.

ReDesign 2016

This year the marketing committee chose Shari Mamone’s dining room redesign for the grand prize. Shari has won the opportunity to run through the ReStore for two minutes grabbing whatever she can.

WHAT? That’s right, Shari Mamone won a two minute shopping spree in the ReStore!

Shari Mamone's ReDesign

Shari’s beautiful room contains an old china cabinet and several scruffy old chairs she purchased at the ReStore. After Shari’s hard work, elbow grease, sanding, painting and reupholstering these pieces of furniture look fresh and fabulous!


This is what Shari’s chairs looked like “before” her redesign.

Just for fun, we added a new component to this year’s ReDesign competition. We let our Facebook fans choose their favorite redesign by voting with their “likes.”

Kelly Mangus won the Facebook fan prize with her double stacked redesign. She created a lovely storage tower from two old nightstands. A $50 ReStore gift card will soon be burning a hole in Kelly’s pocket.

ReDesign 2016

2016 was the seventh year for ReDesign by ReStore. Every year we grow more and more impressed with the creativity and ingenuity in our community. We thank our donors and customers for making this goodness possible and we look forward to doing it again next year.

Now get busy redesigning!

Mosaic Stepping Stone DIY

How to Make a Mosaic Tile Stepping Stone

1. Find the perfect mold. Aluminum pie plates or Jello molds commonly available at a dollar store work well.

2. Trace the opening of the mold on paper.

Mosaic Tile Stepping Stone Design

3. Layout your tile design on the paper within the boundaries of the traced mold.

4. Mix grout or mortar by following the instructions on the bag.

5. Spray the mold with Pam cooking spray if you would like to retain the mold for future use.

6. Pour 2’” – 3” of grout or mortar into the mold.

7. Tap the bubbles out by hitting the sides of the mold with a hard blunt object.

8. Allow the filling to set until it becomes a bit more solid (consistency similar to mashed potatoes).

Mosaic Tile Stepping Stone Gouted

9. Press tiles into the filling making sure they are level with the surface.

10. Gently remove any haze from the top of the tiles by wiping them with a sponge and water.

11. Allow the stepping stone to dry in the mold for two days.

12. Flip the mold over and pop out.

ReDesign Intern, Hannah Gilpen

Solar Powered Chandelier DIY

We survived!

The harsh winter is over. It’s time to shake off all that nastiness and welcome spring.

My husband, Shawn, and I decided to celebrate the impending bloom by creating a solar-powered chandelier to adorn the giant elm tree in our front yard allowing us to extend our spring porch-sitting well into the evening hours. I have to admit, I was surprised at how easily this project came together. For about $50.00 we created a beautiful light fixture using an old chandelier we found for $20 at the ReStore, a can of spray paint, a little caulk, and five solar-powered yard lights from our local hardware store.

Directions for Making Your Own Solar Powered Chandelier

Solar Powered Chandelier

Remove all electrical wiring from the chandelier, but leave the bulb bases intact. Simply cut the end of the electrical wiring and pull it though.

The stems of the solar lights are about the same diameter of the bulb bases. Test fit the stem and determine the proper height of the bulb relative to your chandelier’s size. No science here, you just have to eyeball it.

Mark one of the stems and cut it. If the stem is metal you will need a hacksaw.

Solar Powered Chandelier

After cutting the first stem, assemble the light head and test fit it to make sure it is the height you desire. Once this is confirmed, cut all of the stems to the same length.

Remove the cap of the light heads and carefully cover the solar cells with masking tape, trimming neatly around the edges with a knife.

Solar Powered Chandelier

Spray paint all surfaces of the chandelier, solar light covers and stems. The chandelier is much easier to paint while it is hanging. Don’t forget to paint the chain!

After the paint is dry, remove the masking tape and assemble the lights and stems. Apply a liberal amount of silicone caulk (clear is best) around the tips of the bulb bases. This will secure the lights and help keep water out of the old bulb base.

Solar Powered Chandelier

Install the stems over the bulb bases, allowing the caulk to squish out and form a nice seal at the bottom.

Next, carefully adjust the angle of the lights and stems to make sure they are all pointing straight up. This is harder and more time consuming than it sounds. Hang the chandelier at a reasonable working height so you can rotate it while eyeballing the alignment of the solar lights. You need to do this while the caulk is still wet. If necessary, use masking tape to temporarily hold the lights in alignment until the caulk dries (up to 24 hours depending on what type you use).

Once everything is dry and straight, make sure the batteries in each light has been activated (usually by pulling a little plastic zip tab underneath) and hang your chandelier in a place that it will get some sun in the daytime.

Solar Powered Chandelier

Remember in November

Bring your chandelier inside this fall for safe storage from the harsh winter weather.

Solar Powered Chandelier

Community Connections by TGKVF

Community Connections

Community Connections is a monthly production of the Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation. Jane Powell, Marketing Director of the Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation, hosts the informative and thought-provoking program. Amy McLaughlin, ReStore Director of Habitat for Humanity of Kanawha & Putnam was her guest for the December 2015 episode.

During the 15 minute show, Amy discusses the way ReStore fits into Habitat for Humanity of Kanawha & Putnam’s mission. She also talks about a few ReStore environmental initiatives including the remixed latex paint program and the rain garden. Jane ends the interview by inquiring about the expansion of Habitat for Humanity’s Master Homeowner Program and future plans for ReStore growth.

The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation

The Mission of The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation is to make thoughtful and proactive investments that grow the multiple forms of wealth necessary for our community to thrive. These forms of wealth include the individual, intellectual, social, political, natural, built, and financial assets within our community. The Foundation exists to help individuals, families, businesses and nonprofits improve the lives within the community now and for generations to come by creating charitable funds each with their own philanthropic purpose and providing grants to nonprofits that meet the needs of the community.




2015 ReDesign Contest

2015 ReDesign Contest

A file cabinet was remodeled to create a comfy home for Mushu the beaded dragon. Wrought iron headboards were used to create a decorative exterior fence. A bowling ball was transformed into a bumble bee. All these seemingly random and peculiar events can mean only one thing. It’s ReDesign by ReStore time!

How to Play ReDesign

Every summer ReStore shoppers send us pictures of projects they have tackled using items they purchased at the ReStore. Our customers submit shots of beautifully reupholstered furniture, custom jewelry made from antique hardware, and mosaic tile covered creations. We encourage this good behavior by giving them a $10 off coupon in return.

And the Winner is…

At the end of August the Habitat for Humanity Marketing Committee votes for their favorite ReStore ReDesign and the winner is awarded a two minute shopping spree in the ReStore. This year the marketing committee chose Leigh Anne Watts as the ReDesign by ReStore winner! And, she doesn’t know it yet. So…congratulations, Leigh Anne!

Leigh Anne Watts

Leigh Anne's ReDesign

Leigh Anne’s Craft Room

Leigh Anne, a loyal West Virginian since 2002, built a beautiful work bench from an old hollow core door she purchased at the ReStore in early 2015. She made the bench legs using wood and a saw horse kit. She dipped the legs in black paint which really gives the bench great flair.
The work bench is the centerpiece of Leigh Anne’s craft room; a craft room that would make Martha Stewart drool. This room is where all the DIY magic happens that she writes about in her blog: Leigh Anne calls her blog a study in house and home, and we think she’s a great student.

Beth Ann Walker

Beth Ann Walker ReDesign

Beth Ann Walker’s Artwork

It was a hard fought battle for Leigh Anne. We had so many great entries this year. Beth Ann Walker used $1.50 worth of scrap lumber from the ReStore’s lumber yard to create a lovely piece of art for her niece, Alyssa. She assembled the multiple pieces of wood to create a flat panel and then painted a lovely scene of dandelions caught in a breeze.

Dan Brunton

Dan Brunton's ReDesign 2

Dan Brunton’s ReStore Collection

Another crowd favorite came from Charlestonian, Dan Brunton. Using an old elevation rod, hardware he found at the ReStore, and his wife’s creativity, Dan constructed a stunning photo ledge. The antiqued cast of the ledge compliments his family’s well-appointed entryway. The entryway also contains a chandelier and an old church pew that Dan purchased from the ReStore and refinished.

Over 40 Entries This Year!

Every year we are impressed and inspired by the creativity, skill and ingenuity displayed by ReStore customers. To see all the 2015 ReDesign by ReStore entries, visit our Facebook page. And, stay tuned to see the video of Leigh Anne’s upcoming two minute shopping spree.

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