Chair Redesigns by ReStore Customers

Office, arm, dining, upholstered, hotel, rocking, rolling – you name it, we’ve got that kind of chair. So many chairs are donated to the ReStore that we often issue “Free Chair” coupons to our e-newsletter subscribers just to keep the inventory manageable.

Here are a few of our favorite chair redesigns by seven very special ReStore customers.

  • Brandi Bass created a exotic bench by combining two ReStore chairs.
  • Tara Kirkpatrick and her daughter went crazy on a couple of old wooden chairs.
  • Jason Rucker won ReDesign by ReStore 2013 with his beautiful recreation of a rattan chair.
  • Megan Douglas recreated a sassy but simple animal print chair.
  • Amber Ferrell turned a boring desk chair into a bold statement piece for her office.
  • Debra Martin took a stuffy old office chair and made it fresh and trendy in yellow.
  • Kara Nabor’s redesign mixed turquoise and red for a dramatic finish!
  • Shari Mamon’s redesigned chair looks so cool and modern with the new fabric and shiny silver arms.
  • Lori Wyatt transformed old patio chairs into real charmers.

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Nikki Goldstang

Nikki Goldstang

Richard Switzer's Chair

Richard Switzer

Lindsay Cummings's Chair

Lindsay Cummings




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