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Chair Redesigns by ReStore Customers

Office, arm, dining, upholstered, hotel, rocking, rolling – you name it, we’ve got that kind of chair. So many chairs are donated to the ReStore that we often issue “Free Chair” coupons to our e-newsletter subscribers just to keep the inventory manageable.

Here are a few of our favorite chair redesigns by seven very special ReStore customers.

  • Brandi Bass created a exotic bench by combining two ReStore chairs.
  • Tara Kirkpatrick and her daughter went crazy on a couple of old wooden chairs.
  • Jason Rucker won ReDesign by ReStore 2013 with his beautiful recreation of a rattan chair.
  • Megan Douglas recreated a sassy but simple animal print chair.
  • Amber Ferrell turned a boring desk chair into a bold statement piece for her office.
  • Debra Martin took a stuffy old office chair and made it fresh and trendy in yellow.
  • Kara Nabor’s redesign mixed turquoise and red for a dramatic finish!
  • Shari Mamon’s redesigned chair looks so cool and modern with the new fabric and shiny silver arms.
  • Lori Wyatt transformed old patio chairs into real charmers.

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Nikki Goldstang

Nikki Goldstang

Richard Switzer's Chair

Richard Switzer

Lindsay Cummings's Chair

Lindsay Cummings



Why Give to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore?

Why Give to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore?

Recently, one of our favorite donors – Mark Madore of Family First Realty in Teays Valley – wrote an article about the ReStore for the Real Estate Guide. Here’s why Mark donates to the ReStore and why he believes others, especially those trying to sell their house, should give too.

My wife and I just sold our home and built a new one. Over the past year we have worked diligently to prepare our old house for sale so to ensure we could sell quickly and receive a fair price. In addition to fresh paint we thinned out our possession to make the house look spacious and welcoming. We closely looked at what we owned and decided what would and would not work in our new home.

Like many of you, our possessions (stuff) had both personal and monetary value to us. Knowing we could not use everything in our new home we wanted to ensure our precious items were put to good use. That is where Habitat for Humanity’s new ReStore in Teays Valley came in. Here are the benefits to you for donating your unneeded, although good, household items and furniture to the ReStore:

  • Your home will show better once you de-clutter, including closets, basements and storage areas.
  • Your home will sell faster for more money.
  • Your move will be quicker, less expensive and smoother.
  • Your move into your new house will be less stressful.
  • You will bless others who can buy your items at an affordable price.
  • Your precious items get a second life with a new family.
  • You will help the building of Habitat for Humanity homes for other families.
  • You may be able to reduce your income tax because of the charitable giving write off.
  • This is a win for you and a win for the other families you are able to bless.

You can drop off your smaller household items to the Teays Valley Restore located at 3554 Teays Valley Road or the Charleston ReStore located at 301 Piedmont Road. For larger furniture items you can schedule a free pickup by calling 304-720-8733.

A Homecoming: Habitat for Humanity Returns to Putnam County

Habitat for Humanity of Kanawha & Putnam was started by volunteers from Teays Valley Presbyterian Church in 1988 with a mission to build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter. Habitat’s office was located in Teays Valley until 1993, when it moved to Kanawha County.

Coming Home to Putnam County

To re-establish a strong presence in Putnam County, Habitat opened a second ReStore in Teays Valley on November 1, 2016. The ReStore is a program of Habitat for Humanity that enables house building by raising funds from the sale of donated new, used and surplus furniture, home goods and building materials. Donations come from individuals, businesses and organizations.


Teays Valley ReStore Manager, Melanie James and her son, Andrew.


Enabling Home Construction

To date Habitat for Humanity of Kanawha and Putnam has built 169 homes. 56 have been funded by proceeds from the Charleston ReStore. All proceeds from the new ReStore will also fund Habitat’s mission. Additionally, the Teays Valley ReStore will serve as an outpost for future Habitat homebuyers to gather information and perform sweat equity.

Your Good Stuff for a Great Cause

Donations of building materials, home goods and furniture will be accepted at the new ReStore, but all building materials will be transported to the Charleston ReStore for resale. The much smaller Teays Valley Restore will sell only the top performing departments: furniture and home goods. The new concept will appeal to treasure hunters and decorators.

Homecoming Ribbon Cutting

Executive Director, Shawn Means cuts the Teays Valley ReStore ribbon.


The Teays Valley ReStore is located at 3554 Teays Valley Road in the Mid-Valley Square Shopping Plaza. Donors may bring items they wish to donate during regular business hours of Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm to the rear of the store. Because all donations must be inspected by ReStore personnel before acceptance, we ask that donations not be left after hours.

ReStore will also pick up donations of furniture, home goods and building materials in Kanawha and Putnam Counties that are too large to fit in a standard car. Donors should call 304-720-8733 to schedule a pickup. Donations are tax-deductible.

Click here to make a secure, online donation...