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ReStore Artist Making A Name For Himself

Emerging Artist

The Artist and His Accolades

We are so excited to hear that Anthony Young has been named to this year’s class of emerging artists by The Boston Globe! The Charleston native and West Virginia State University graduate impresses everyone he meets with his talent, hard work and dedication to his art.

As a graduate student at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts, Anthony is finalizing his thesis project. “I want to show the history of the black body. How it has been portrayed in American culture, and creates a false imagining of what black masculinity is,” he says. “I’m trying to think about how those images stick to the black psyche.”

Anthony is currently using gunpowder and bleach to create his powerful work, but not so long ago Anthony was using old decking and dried latex paint. In 2014 Anthony was awarded the first ReStore ReDesign Internship and used ReStore materials to represent Habitat for Humanity’s mission in our ReStore. Read local coverage of Anthony internship here.

Artist, Anthony Young

ReStore ReDesign Internship

Every year an art student from West Virginia State University with a strong appreciation of recycling and community participation is awarded a paid internship at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  This internship is designed to provide a blank canvas for students to create resume-building projects, raise awareness of the arts, and hone organizational skills including project management, volunteer coordination, and budgeting.

During the internship the artist is required to create one temporary ReStore window display and one piece of art representing Habitat for Humanity’s mission that remains on permanent display in the ReStore. In addition, the artist designs, coordinates and conducts one make-and-take recycled art workshop that is open to the public. The internship requires skill, ingenuity and the desire to work with people from all walks of life.

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