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Double Take Art Show 2015

Double Take Art Show 2015

***Special Update*** The ReStore received a Star Award from Craft Retailers & Artists for Tomorrow (CRAFT) for Double Take Art Show! We are honored to receive this national recognition and applaud the Tamarack Artisan Foundation for organizing our participation in West Virginia and American Craft Week!

We were thrilled to have over 50 fantastic pieces of local art on display for the very first Double Take Art Show, and we look forward to making this an annual tradition. We thank the hundreds of people that visited Double Take to vote and bid. If you didn’t have to opportunity to stop by the ReStore during the two week show, here’s a short video for you viewing pleasure.

Thank you, David Irvine!

We’d liked to give a very special thank you to David Irvine for helping to make Double Take a success. In the modern world of internet technology, David, living in Toronto, Canada, came across Double Take. He reached out to the ReStore Director with an offer to build awareness of the event by creating and donating a piece of redirected art to the Double Take Art Show. David’s art donation raised $200 for Habitat for Humanity of Kanawha & Putnam County.

And the winner is…

Double Take visitors were encouraged to vote for their favorite piece in the exhibit. The Community Choice Award, along with $200, goes to Adrienne Galloway for “Alice in a Winter Wonderland.”

Many more winners of local creative art!

Here is the list of the pieces that sold during the blind auction. The winners will be personally notified and their art will be made available for payment starting Tuesday, October 20, 2015 at the ReStore.

Hot Mess by Sherri Jackson

3. “Hot Mess” by Sherri Jackson GOES TO GINA PUZZUOLI


"Dun.Dun.Duunn." by Sherri Jackso

7. “Dun.Dun.Duunn.Duunn.Duunn.” by Sherri Jackson GOES TO GINA PUZZUOLI

"Space Worm Hole" by Christopher George

9. “Space Worm Hole” by Christopher George GOES TO SAM RAYHILL

"Eyes on You" by Katie Loflin

12. “Eyes on You” by Katie Loflin GOES TO CRICKET SKEEN

"Tres Toreros" by Brenda Pinnell

13. “Tres Toreros” by Brenda Pinnell GOES TO CATHY CAUDILL

"Vase of Flowers" by Tookie Nibert

14. “Vase of Flowers” by Anna “Tookie” Nibert GOES TO ANNE PLOTT

"Quence" by Kim Shrader

15. “Quence” by Kim Shrader GOES TO MEGAN ROSKOVENSKY

"Look Mom" by Wanda Dragoo

16. “Look Mom” by Wanda Dragoo GOES TO LORI MCCOMAS

"Aquatic Life of the Kanawha" by Cathy Caudill

17. “Aquatic Life of the Kanawha” by Cathy Caudill GOES TO DREW ORRISON

"Release the Kraken!" by Jenna Green

20. “Release the Kraken!” by Jenna Green GOES TO GINA PUZZUOLI

"Heading to the ReStore" by Wanda Dragoo

22. “Heading to the ReStore” by Wanda Dragoo GOES TO RESTORE STAFF

"Octopus" by Diane Legg

23. “Octopus” by Diane Legg GOES TO JASON NICHOLS

"Alice in a Winter Wonderland" by Adrienne Galloway

25. “Alice in a Winter Wonderland” by Adrienne Galloway GOES TO ADRIENNE GALLOWAY
"Alice" and "Rabbit" by Sarah Tolley

28. “Rabbit” by Sarah Tolley GOES TO JIM TOLLEY

29. “Alice” by Sarah Tolley GOES TO FRANCES TOLLEY

"Visitor" by Audrey Beckner

30. “Visitor” by Audrey Beckner GOES TO DIANE LEGG

"Monet Found His Glasses" by Shawn Means

31. “Monet Found His Glasses” by Shawn Means GOES TO AMY MCLAUGHLIN

"Cat in the Hat and Nessie" by Beth Loflin

32. “Cat in the Hat and Nessie” by Beth Loflin GOES TO AMY WILLIAMS

"Mary Poppins" by Rhonda Jones

33. “Mary Poppins” by Rhonda Jones GOES TO TAMMY HARPER

"Mythical Creatures" by Pam Stallings

34. “Mythical Creatures” by Pam Stallings GOES TO LINDSAY HILTON

Untitled by Betty Rivard

38. Untitled by Betty Rivard GOES TO LINDSAY HILTON

"Believe" by Beth Kerns

39. “Believe” by Beth Kerns GOES TO GINA PUZZUOLI

"Sundown Motel" by Janet Pendergrass

41. “Sundown Motel” by Janet C. Pendergrass GOES TO JANET PENDERGRASS

"First Feast" by Danolita Curnutte

42. “First Feast” by Danolita Curnutte GOES TO REBECCA TIGNOR

"Bag Lady" by Margaret Volkwein

43. “Bag Lady” by Margaret Volkwein GOES TO THOM WORLLEDGE

"New York" by Rebecca Hemsworth

44. “New York” by Rebecca Hemsworth GOES TO SAM RAYHILL


Untitled by David Irvine

48.  Untitled by David Irvine GOES TO AMY MCLAUGHLIN

"Lisa Frank Cat" by Brittany Means

49. “Lisa Frank Cat” by Brittany Means GOES TO SARA PRICE FORTNEY

The pieces that did not sell through this year’s blind auction will be automatically entered into Double Take 2016. All participating artists’ ReStore gift cards are available for pickup at the ReStore cashier’s desk.

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