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2015 ReDesign Contest

2015 ReDesign Contest

A file cabinet was remodeled to create a comfy home for Mushu the beaded dragon. Wrought iron headboards were used to create a decorative exterior fence. A bowling ball was transformed into a bumble bee. All these seemingly random and peculiar events can mean only one thing. It’s ReDesign by ReStore time!

How to Play ReDesign

Every summer ReStore shoppers send us pictures of projects they have tackled using items they purchased at the ReStore. Our customers submit shots of beautifully reupholstered furniture, custom jewelry made from antique hardware, and mosaic tile covered creations. We encourage this good behavior by giving them a $10 off coupon in return.

And the Winner is…

At the end of August the Habitat for Humanity Marketing Committee votes for their favorite ReStore ReDesign and the winner is awarded a two minute shopping spree in the ReStore. This year the marketing committee chose Leigh Anne Watts as the ReDesign by ReStore winner! And, she doesn’t know it yet. So…congratulations, Leigh Anne!

Leigh Anne Watts

Leigh Anne's ReDesign

Leigh Anne’s Craft Room

Leigh Anne, a loyal West Virginian since 2002, built a beautiful work bench from an old hollow core door she purchased at the ReStore in early 2015. She made the bench legs using wood and a saw horse kit. She dipped the legs in black paint which really gives the bench great flair.
The work bench is the centerpiece of Leigh Anne’s craft room; a craft room that would make Martha Stewart drool. This room is where all the DIY magic happens that she writes about in her blog: Leigh Anne calls her blog a study in house and home, and we think she’s a great student.

Beth Ann Walker

Beth Ann Walker ReDesign

Beth Ann Walker’s Artwork

It was a hard fought battle for Leigh Anne. We had so many great entries this year. Beth Ann Walker used $1.50 worth of scrap lumber from the ReStore’s lumber yard to create a lovely piece of art for her niece, Alyssa. She assembled the multiple pieces of wood to create a flat panel and then painted a lovely scene of dandelions caught in a breeze.

Dan Brunton

Dan Brunton's ReDesign 2

Dan Brunton’s ReStore Collection

Another crowd favorite came from Charlestonian, Dan Brunton. Using an old elevation rod, hardware he found at the ReStore, and his wife’s creativity, Dan constructed a stunning photo ledge. The antiqued cast of the ledge compliments his family’s well-appointed entryway. The entryway also contains a chandelier and an old church pew that Dan purchased from the ReStore and refinished.

Over 40 Entries This Year!

Every year we are impressed and inspired by the creativity, skill and ingenuity displayed by ReStore customers. To see all the 2015 ReDesign by ReStore entries, visit our Facebook page. And, stay tuned to see the video of Leigh Anne’s upcoming two minute shopping spree.

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